Leasehold Repairs & Maintenance

Responsibility for repairing and maintaining both the inside and outside of your home is stated in the lease.  However, please remember that the lease will not state every type of repair which may arise.  It only identifies broad responsibilities. If you want to seek clarification on a particular repair then please contact us.

You are generally responsible for repairing and maintaining the inside of your home.  This includes items such as gas pipes, electrical cabling, and water pipes including drainage, heating systems, kitchen fittings and sanitary fittings.   Additionally, you are also responsible for decorating the inside of your home. 

We are broadly responsible for repairing and maintaining all the outside of the building along with any internal communal areas such as corridors, stairwells and laundry room.  The cost of any repairs or maintenance carried out will be paid from the service charge account for the development.

Repairs should be reported to us as quickly as possible.  Repairs can be reported 24 hours a day by contacting the Customer Contact Centre on 0300 555 0128.  You will be told immediately whether the repair is our responsibility or yours.  If it is our responsibility, you will be informed on the timescale for the repair to be completed and the contractor responsible.

The following list is a guide to the main areas that leaseholders are commonly responsible for within your property:

  • Keys to your property
  • Hot and cold water pipe work (including freezing of internal pipes), taps, tanks and cylinders, all main internal drainage pipes, ball valves and siphons.
  • All sanitary ware including hand basins, baths, showers, wc-pan and cistern.
  • Blocked pipes and traps.
  • Fuses, light fittings, wiring, switches, power points, immersion heater (where fitted).
  • Central heating system including radiators, pipe work and boiler.
  • Any gas or electrically operated appliances.
  • All internal decorations including tiling and plaster work to walls and ceiling.
  • All internal floor coverings.
  • Internal doors, locks, hinges, catches, closures.
  • All glazing to both internal and external windows and doors.