Fire safety

At S4B, the safety of our customers will always be our number one priority. We take our responsibilities very seriously, to help protect people and property. Fire can cause serious injury and even death, as well as damage to your home and personal possessions. We all have a responsibility to keep homes and buildings safe for everyone.

What to do in the event of a fire?

If there’s a fire in your house or bungalow, you need to act quickly. Make sure you are prepared and follow these simple steps:

  • Plan your escape and make sure everyone knows the routine
  • Keep your exit routes clear so you can escape easily
  • If doors and windows can be locked, make sure keys are easily accessible
  • Don’t tackle the fire yourself
  • Get out if it is safe to do so and leave your possessions behind
  • Close the doors behind you
  • Keep low – smoke rises and the air at a low level will be clearer
  • Dial 999 to report the fire
  • Stay out of your building until the Fire Brigade says it is safe to return
  • If your escape route is blocked, head to a room with a window, close the door and use blankets or bedding to stop smoke getting under the door, and call 999 or, if you haven’t got a phone, shout out of the window

If you live in a High-Rise flat/apartment, you should familiarise yourself with and follow the Stay Safe policy as advised by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service,  and follow the instructions on the Fire Action signage in communal areas of your building if you do need to leave your property.

The use of  e-bikes and scooters is on the rise. More information in this leaflet Never store e-bikes or scooters in the communal areas.

All of our current fire safety information leaflets can be found at the bottom of this page, and within each of the corresponding sub-pages of this fire safety section.

If you require more information please get in touch. Telephone 0300 555 0128, email send a WhatsApp message to 07500 065 270, or call into the S4B housing office.

And if you think you would need additional support in the event of a fire, please let us know so we can add you to our emergency register.