It’s an exciting time for the Brunswick neighbourhood. You will see lots of new and refurbished homes, roads, community areas and a new housing office built over the next 10 years.

In medieval times, the district was known as Chorlton Row and was a township of the ancient parish of Manchester. This leaflet provides fascinating information on the History of Garside Gardens. 

The area will be completely transformed and S4B is five years into the project and will be responsible for making sure these new developments are managed effectively.

S4B are working in partnership with Onward Homes, Galliford Try, Mears and Manchester City Council to make sure that this exciting regeneration project exceeds your expectations.

How does this affect me?

If you are a Manchester City Council tenant, then the Council will continue to be your landlord. You will keep all of the rights you have now, including the right to buy your home.

S4B will manage the housing and the neighbourhood on behalf of Manchester City Council for 25 years.

S4B also manages leasehold properties on behalf of Manchester City Council.

S4B will now be your first point of contact for all services in Brunswick, so if you are a local business / stakeholder / homeowner then please contact us to find out more.