As part of the improvements to the Brunswick area, S4B will be building new homes for sale and for rent, new road, shops and an extra care housing scheme – as well as refurbishing existing homes and carrying out environmental improvements in the area.

Some houses need to be demolished to be able to greatly improve the layout of the neighbourhood including gating alleyways and providing an open and green routes for all residents and visitors

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Here is an outline of the improvements:

New Homes

New Homes

We will be building a range of two, three, four and five bedroom council homes and home for sale as part of our regeneration proposals.

There will be no difference between council and private for sale homes.

There will also be new Help to Buy options available, helping Brunswick residents purchase new homes.

New homes for sale are completed on the land fronting Upper Brook Street at the end of Plymouth View. You can view the new Sales show home on Upper Brook Street

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New Roads

New roads are being built as part of the masterplan to increase the natural surveillance of the neighbourhood making the area feel more open.  The new roads will have traffic calming and be 20 mph Zones.



Demolition has been completed with 250 properties demolished and residents rehoused. The last demolition was the old shops

We conduct daily patrols around the site to ensure any attempted entry or vandalism is identified immediately.

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Environmental improvements

The regeneration of the Brunswick neighbourhood will see improvements to many green space areas including:

  • improvements to the local park
  • new community orchard
  • allotment plots

S4B will also be carrying out refurbishments, reversals & demolitions as part of the improvement works.

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