Applying for a home

If you would like to apply for a home you need to register with Manchester Move .

Before applying for a home, take some time to complete our Affordability Calculator  to find out how much rent you can afford based on your current financial circumstances.

The Assessment will also tell you whether you are entitled to any benefits that you may not already be claiming.

If you need help with applying online please contact our Customer Contact Team on 0300 555 0128

If you have an active Manchester Move registration you will be able to bid for up to three advertised properties each week.  The Manchester Move website gives you all the information you need to know about:

  • Registering an application
  • Choosing a property
  • The bidding process
  • Mutual exchanges.

S4B manage council homes and leasehold homes in the Brunswick area. We will also be building some new homes for sale. Please contact us for more details.