Save money by saving energy in your home

Save money by saving energy in your home   – It’s easy to do with just a few simple changes.


With increasingly power hungry gadgets to enjoy, powering our homes is taking more and more energy. But everyone can save money by simple changes, like making sure appliances are switched off at the plug rather than on standby.


Heating our homes takes up an astonishing 80 per cent of all the energy we use. So reducing heat use by just a small amount – like turning down the temperature slightly and washing at 30 degrees -can have a big effect on your energy bills. More useful information here.


Everyone needs water, but we can easily reduce what we use every day. Not running the tap while brushing our teeth, making sure there’s a full load in the washing machine and taking a shorter shower are all good ways to cut down and save.


Because we spend so much on heat, its really important to stop the heat from escaping from the home, keeping the heat in and the draughts out. Simple things like closing your curtains at dusk and using draught excluders are easy to do and free or low cost.

Save money!

There are quick and easy things you can do which are no cost or low cost and can really help you save cash on your energy bills, and a few which might need a bit of investment.

Check out our Top Tips for saving money and energy in the home.

Myth Buster

“It’s cheaper to leave the lights on than switch them off and on all the time”

Not true – It costs much less to switch lights off when you leave a room, and it doesn’t damage the bulbs either.

“Leaving the heating on low all day costs less than having to heat the house from cold using a timer”

Not true – You use more energy leaving heating on all day, even if very low.

“Washing dishes by hand is cheaper than using a dishwasher”

Not true – Dishwashers, if full, are more energy and water efficient than washing up by hand.

“Switching energy providers doesn’t save you money because they all charge pretty much the same”

Not true -You can save up to £141 a year on average by switching companies or tariffs, and we can help you do it quickly and painlessly