Leasehold FAQ’s

I need to make a claim under the buildings insurance policy. Who should I speak to?

S4B are obliged to insure your home i.e. bricks & mortar as part of their obligations under the terms of the lease.  This insurance does not cover your contents. You are strongly advised to arrange your own contents insurance cover for personal belongings e.g. carpets, furniture, electrical goods, etc.

The buildings insurance policy covers damage that may occur to the property due to storm or accidental damage.  It will also cover the cost of rebuilding or reinstating the building if there was a major fire or other catastrophe. 

As with any insurance policy there is an excess payable.  (This means the first part of the claim which the policyholder agrees to pay).  This excess is paid out of the scheme’s service charge account when the claim is in respect of communal areas.

If you are making a claim for internal fixtures and fittings, e.g. sanitary fittings or kitchen units then again the excess will need to be paid. This means you will have to pay the excess fee of any insurance claim you make. 

If you wish to make a claim under the buildings insurance policy then please contact us immediately.  If there is a delay in notifying us of any insurance claim this may reduce the amount of any money the insurers are prepared to pay in settling any claim.

I want to make improvements to my home, do I need permission first?

As a homeowner you may at some time wish to carry out improvements to the property, it maybe something small like installing new ceiling lights to the lounge or on a grander scale installing fitted wardrobes, a new kitchen or bathroom.

We ask that if you wish to do any work to your home then you should contact your Community Support Officer at S4B in writing to first to see whether you need our consent.  If we feel that further information is needed before the work can begin, you will be asked to send in details.

We ask for this information to safeguard the investment in the property and that safety isn’t compromised.   Normally we will only refuse permission in exceptional circumstances.

Please note: You will not be given permission to extend your home in anyway.  Likewise you will not be given permission to carry out any improvement that will affect the communal grounds.  You should be aware that if you sell your home at a later date and have carried out improvements to the property, you are not guaranteed to recover the full cost of the works you have done.

If you have any further queries, please contact us

Do I need permission to sell my home?

At some time, you may decide to sell your home.  There is a procedure laid down in your lease.  You do not need permission from Manchester City Council/S4B to sell your home and you may do so at any time.

However, during the sales process you will need to inform Manchester City Council and S4B that a sale is ongoing because we will need to assign the lease across to the new owner, your solicitor will advise you on these issues.

Furthermore, prior to any completion the prospective owner will require information concerning the status of the scheme and confirmation of service charge and funds. S4B will willingly engage in helping you in this process and again your solicitor will advise you on the process.

Leaseholders are liable for all outstanding service charge debts until the lease is assigned over to a new party. Therefore, S4B would expect all monies owed to it are settled prior to an assignment of the lease. If you are unsure of how much is outstanding on your account please contact us.

How can I connect with other leaseholders in the area?

We consult with you whenever we are legally required to and when it is good practice to do so. 

We seek to involve you as far as we reasonably can in the management of your home.  To this end we will discuss the running of the development with you.  On the Brunsick development we have one residents association that has been formed to discuss matters of common interest.

The Brunswick Residents Association meet every first Wednesday each month at 7pm at Brunswick Parish Church, Brunswick Street, Manchester.  Everyone is welcome.

How do I make a complaint?

While we strive to give a good service at all times, there may be occasions when you have to complain about the standard of service.  We have a formal complaints procedure, which should be followed, a copy of which is available on request from our Customer Service Contact Team on 0300 555 0128.  We strive to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Can I keep pets in my home?

Our normal policy is not to allow the keeping of cats and dogs as pets within apartments.   The keeping of birds and fish is permitted but, if you are in any doubt, please contact us