Rechargeable repairs

S4B will do certain repairs on the structure of your home, on gas, electricity, plumbing, heating installations and so on.

Most people take a real pride in their homes, but there are a few who damage things deliberately or thoughtlessly. People who cause damage deliberately or by neglect will have to pay for the repair. We call these jobs ‘rechargeable repairs’.

What counts as deliberate damage or neglect?

You don’t have to pay for things that have been damaged by fair wear and tear, or if the damage was caused by a crime – as long as you’ve reported it to the police. If there is a doubt about how the damage happened we will come and check the problem before we make a decision on what sort of repairs is needed.

We would check to see if the damage was caused deliberately or by neglect. We may charge for damage caused such as a broken door or door frame, broken locks, or where a resident appears to have has broken a fixture or fitting.

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