Debt advice

Get help with your debts

Money problems can quickly spiral out of control, so it’s important that you get help as soon as possible.

Our Financial Inclusion Team can offer FREE and confidential advice to help you take control of your debts. They can help you understand:

  • Which debts need to take priority.
  • Find ways to maximise your income to help clear your debts.
  • Negotiate with your creditors.

If you have a high level of debt they can also refer you to agencies that can help.

So if you’re struggling to keep up with bill or rent payments, or are already in debt, please contact us in confidence on 0300 555 0128.

Advice on borrowing

Many of us may need to borrow money from time to time, maybe due to an unforeseen emergency or to spread the cost of an expensive purchase.

Some types of lending, such as payday loans or doorstep lenders, can end up costing more in the long-run.

Why not contact our local Credit Union – the safer way to save and borrow.

Our team can give you advice on more affordable forms of credit and how you may be able to access them.

Managing rent payments

If you’re struggling to pay your rent, or have already fallen behind with your payments, please don’t ignore the problem.

If you don’t deal with the issue sooner rather than later, we may have to apply to the County Court for possession of your home, which will cost you a further £350 in court fees. And if you still fail to pay, you could even be evicted.

To avoid this, we can help by checking if you are entitled to claim any benefits, assist you with budgeting, and calculate what you can afford to pay towards your arrears.

Don’t leave it too late, as once an application has been made to the Courts it cannot be withdrawn.

Even if you have already been to Court, and are finding it difficult to keep up with your payments, we may still be able to help – so please get in touch.

Managing council tax payments

Recently many more people have fallen behind with their Council Tax Payments.

In the past you may have been entitled to Council Tax Benefit which covered the full cost of your Council Tax. However, this is no longer the case and everyone has to pay some if not all of the amount due.

You may be able to apply for a Council Tax Reduction. If you’re eligible you will receive a discount on your bill.

If you are claiming Universal Credit you must apply for a Council Tax Reduction separately by going directly to your local authority. This will not be done as part of your Universal Credit claim.

The consequences of not paying Council Tax are severe. If you miss payments you may have to pay the full bill for the year up front, the Council might take you to Court to enforce payment, or send bailiffs to collect the money.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax, or are already behind with payments, please contact us for advice and support.

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