Your local Credit Union

Who is South Manchester Credit Union?

South Manchester Credit Union is the Credit Union for customers living in Brunswick. They’re a not-for-profit organisation who provide savings accounts and loans to support local people.

How do I open an account?

Opening an account is quick and easy with their mobile message app called Nivo – it works like WhatsApp and will guide you through opening your account. Scan the code here to download the app.

Need a financial boost?

If you apply for a loan with South Manchester Credit Union, here are some of the benefits…

  • Have a decision within 24 working hours
  • Interest is charged on the reducing balance
  • Save whilst you make repayments
  • Invest in your community

Loan example: if you borrow £300 and pay £10 per week. You’ll repay your loan over 34 weeks and pay £37.44 interest – repaying a total of £337.44.

If you’re new to credit, have a poor credit score or have low disposable income, they’ll work with you to build your credit score as well as your savings.

For more information visit the website or give them a call on 0161 448 0200.