Here at S4B, we take fire safety in our properties very seriously. Fires can have a devastating impact on lives and communities wherever you live. Staying safe is the responsibility of everyone who lives with and near you.

If you live in a property with a balcony, here’s some of our top tips on balcony safety and a letter from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service advising of extra special care you need to be aware of especially at this time of year. 

In a nutshell, to reduce the risk of fire on a balcony:
• Do not use barbeques on balconies under any circumstances
• Never store flammable materials like gas tanks on your balcony
• Reduce clutter and keep items on the balcony to a minimum
• If you smoke, make sure you stub cigarettes out and NEVER flick them over the balcony. A covered ashtray is safest
• If you hang up any lights, please ensure they are suitable for outdoor use

Most fires in the home are preventable. Here’s a safety check guide to help tell you if you need to take any steps to improve fire safety where you live and find out more about Home Fire Safety Week here. Find you more in our recent Fire Safety update section here

If you have any concerns about Fire Safety in your home, please contact us on 0300 555 0128.

From all of us here at S4B, we wish you safe and enjoyable summer.