In February, residents of Brunswick Village were invited along to a special unveiling to see their masterpieces now adorning the perimeter fencing of the Vistry building site and the last of the major construction works in the area.

Residents joined the on-site art group after moving in last year and have already produced a unique collection of their very own creations. Everything from drawing, painting, crafts such as knitting and crochet and even poetry.

Their work is on show at Brunswick Village but it’s so wonderful it has been recreated into a delightful display for the whole community and visitors to enjoy. 

Resident, Sam Mackie-McCartan (pictured) said: “I was very proud to see my poem displayed on the hoardings on Thursday. My wife Ruth and I moved into Brunswick Village last April after a very traumatic few months, and the words I wrote reflect the strong feeling of community that was apparent from the very start of our tenancy”.

Sam’s poem:

Another resident of Brunswick Village, Mary Kent said: “We were invited to the place to see the artwork that we had done. It was so important to be recognised for all the bits and pieces that we’ve done. When people like me are helped to do this kind of work, writing, drawing and painting, it helps us to carry on, so I thank the people who do this. It teaches us that anyone can do it and I say thank you very much”.

Vistry Partnerships, formerly Galliford Try, have been working in Brunswick for the last seven years and felt this was a fitting tribute to celebrate the final stage of major building work in the regeneration programme, bringing many different elements of the community together. 

View some of the hoarding display in our gallery here, or why not pop along to Upper Brook Street to see it for yourself.

And the classes are not just for residents at Brunswick Village, you too can join them. For more information contact