Don’t forget! Free Wi-Fi is available in the S4B housing office and our sheltered accommodation.

So, when you next visit, here’s what you need to do to get started:

  • On your iPhone, iPad or iPod, click the Settings icon. On Android click Wi-Fi Settings
  • Click the WiFi Icon
  • After a few seconds, your phone will find the WiFi network “_BusybeeMcr”. Click on it
  • The “busybee” Screen should pop up on your phone a few seconds later
  • Fill in your details, tick the box and Click Let’s Go!
  • The box should disappear and you’re ready!

After an initial registration users will automatically be connected where available.

And don’t worry if you don’t have a mobile device but want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, we have three laptops available to use for free in the S4B housing office using Wi-Fi to access the internet.

Please call us on 0300 555 0128 to book an appointment or ask at reception.