Fly-tipping is on the increase in Brunswick and we need to put a stop to it.

Dumping bulky items (fly-tipping) outside your property or block doesn’t just look bad, it’s also a serious health hazard and it’s ILLEGAL.

All residents are entitled to one free collection of up to three items per year from Manchester City Council (April 1 – 31 March).

To arrange a collection please visit the Manchester City Council website:  or tel. 0161 234 5000

And twice a year, in spring and autumn, S4B provides skips for residents to dispose of unwanted items for free as part of community clean-up week.

If you had more than three free collections from Manchester City Council and you need to dispose of more items, S4B also offer a bulky waste collection service.

For £75 bulky items will be collected from your home and disposed of for you. Anyone found fly-tipping will be asked to dispose of the item themselves or face a hefty fine.

How you can help.

This leaflet explains what you can do to help if you see anyone illegally dumping rubbish or ‘Fly-tipping’.

The leaflet also details how you can help reduce waste in Brunswick by recycling more, and shows what to put in which colour bin.

Bin collection day is Friday.

How to report it: 

Please report fly tipping as soon as possible to us on 0300 555 0128 or complete our online contact form

Alternatively you can report it directly to Manchester City Council and search ‘fly tipping’.

*Any information supplied will be treated in strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Let’s keep Brunswick tidy and don’t forget if you see See It, Report It…so we can Stop It.