In June 2014 S4B commissioned Contour Homes to undertake an independent review of customer opinion. As set out within by the PFI contract between S4B and Manchester City Council, the first Brunswick Satisfaction Survey on Neighbourhood and Housing Management was delivered to all tenants on the anniversary of service commencement.

Here is a summary of some of the key results of the survey:

The performance was measured on two key questions which are set out in the contract. 

Of the 954 tenants the survey was sent to, 280 (29.4%) responded.

Of the 280 respondents, 12 (4.3%) were leaseholders; 14% of the leaseholder population in Brunswick. 

However; it must be noted that not every respondent answered every question.

Contract Questions

  • Satisfaction for Services provided by S4B was 84.7% against a KPI target of 70% – 14.7% above target.
  • Satisfaction for ‘Opportunities available for resident involvement in Brunswick stands at 88.4% against a KPI target of 45% – 43.4% above target.

Homes and neighbourhoods

  • 74.9% of residents who responded told us they were satisfied with their ‘neighbourhood as place to live
  • 61.7% are satisfied with the ‘overall quality of their home’
  • 70.5% of tenants ‘feel safe in Brunswick’

Rents and finance 

  • 63.4% of respondents are satisfied that their ‘rent provides value for money’ with only 7.2% being dissatisfied

Contact centre and staff service 

  • 73% of respondents are satisfied with ‘call handling’ at the S4B office
  •  76% of respondents are satisfied with the ‘service from staff when visiting or being visited’

A prize draw was advertised to give all respondents the opportunity to win either a top prize of £100 worth of vouchers, or two opportunities to win a runner-up prize of £50 worth of vouchers. 

The winners were randomly selected by the Contour Homes Insight and Engagement team and they are:

1st – J Shaheen Tower Square 
2nd – A Rafter Artillery Court
3rd – K Murphy Brunswick Street

You can read the results of the full survey in this document here, or please get in touch 0300 555 0128.