Great news! Construction of the new play area started at Glenbarry Close this month.

The final section of drainage in Watkin Close/Upper Brook Street, also started in May when the area around the new houses became available.

On the Rawlinsons site, the new water and gas mains to the first 3 phases have now been installed.  New electric and BT installations started towards the end of April for completion mid-May.  Drainage works within the site area completed early May with off-site connections within the surrounding roads and footpaths around Addison Close, Kincardine Road, Bramwell Drive and East Court Walk continuing through May and into June.

The new drainage link along Plymouth View has now been approved by Manchester City Council (MCC) and works are due to start in June. 

Work is underway at Hartfield Close and should be substantially complete around mid-June. A suitable area will be made available for the community event on 13th June and any unfinished areas will be isolated as necessary.  We continue to liaise closely with the Church and residents regarding access requirements.

Service diversions for Statham Walk new road installations are in place, and will continue into May.  Works include new drainage followed by the construction of the new through road running up until August.

There will be no disruption to traffic, but the car parking area off Grosvenor Street will be removed to form the new through-road.

Tree removals are complete at Gartside Gardens and some replacement trees planted.  Infrastructure works started in early May with installation of the drainage, followed by construction of the new boulevard. Completion is due in September.

This will coincide with the landscaping and construction of the new play area. 

A substantial section of the park has been closed off already, for construction contractors to lay the foundations for the new houses.

Subject to final design approval by MCC, works to Henshaw Walk, Yelverton Walk, Tower Square and Lockton Close, will be carried out from June through to September.

Letter drops will be carried to local residents before works commence. It is likely there will be some pedestrian diversions which will be clearly marked with signs. There may be some disruption to current parking arrangements, but residents will be advised in advance of available alternative parking.

The utilities companies, water, gas, electric and BT started work in early January to divert services across the whole scheme and are currently working in Thomson Street and Statham Walk.

Residents will be advised on an individual basis on any disruption to services. 

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding any of the above please tel: 0300 555 0128.