Which of the following would you prefer as a street or road name for the first 2 new roads in Brunswick?

  •  Astley 
  • Chesworth
  • Dobson
  • Glenroy
  • Lapford
  • Malford
  • Westman

This could be street, road or avenue.

Do you have a name suggestion for local roads which you would like us to include?

Any names must follow Manchester City Council guidelines.

Guidelines for Street Naming:

The Street Naming and Numbering Officer will use these guidelines, based on BS7666, when agreeing a new address. Local ward councillors are consulted on a new street name prior to any approval. Property developers should follow these guidelines for any names they wish to suggest.

Names cannot be duplicated within the City of Manchester.

Suggested names need to be sufficiently unique to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

New street names should try to avoid duplicating any similar name already in use. A variation in the terminal words for example ‘Street’, ‘Road’, ‘Avenue’ will not be accepted as sufficient reason to duplicate a street name as it can have a detrimental effect in an emergency

• Names of living people are not normally allowed.

• Where possible names should reflect the history of the site or acknowledge the geography of the area.

• Names that could be seen as advertising are not acceptable.

• Names that could be considered offensive will not be accepted

• Names after a deceased person will require the permission of any living relatives

All new street names will end with a terminal word such as: Road, Street, Avenue, Drive, Lane, Place, Way

The following will be used only as indicated:

• Crescent – for a crescent shaped road only

• Close – for a cul-de-sac only

• Square – for a square only

• Hill – for a hill only

• Terrace – for a terrace of houses but not a subsidiary name within another road

• Mews – officially a term for converted stables in a courtyard or lane but would be considered acceptable for most small terraced developments

• Gardens – where the estate has a garden or park connection

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Road names will be chosen on  15th October 2014