We will be hosting a business networking event on 14th October, to showcase ‘Bright Idea’, a support programme to help residents set-up their own businesses.

Residents signed-up to ‘Bright Idea’ will travel from across the North West to showcase their new business ventures, and share their stories.

Tenants are invited to come along to learn more about the project, which so far, has helped 20 businesses start trading.

Once signed up, residents are given access to a dedicated business advisor, and offered one-to-one support and advice on business planning, finance and marketing.

For more information about ‘Bright Idea’ or the event please contact Janine Hague on 07880 253004.or email startup@theblueorchid.co.uk (quote ‘Bright Idea’)

The business networking event will take place at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, 7 Oak St, Manchester, M4 5JD, 11am -1.00pm.