Work has begun to complete the street tree planting programme and completion of the site compound area on Plymouth View/Upper Brunswick Street. The area is currently fenced off and the white area between phases AG and AJ1/AJ2 as detailed in the plan here: 

There will be 57 additional street trees being planted in grassed verges and green spaces to add to the tree cover in Brunswick and bring environmental benefits.   The locations are listed here and remaining garden trees will follow separately.

Location for 40 of the trees are detailed here: 
Downing Street side of Cycle Path – 2
Clare Street – 1
Grass Plot Substation Lockton Close – 2
Litcham Close Grass Plot side of 50 Grosvenor Street – 3
50 to 62 Grosvenor Street Grass Plot – 4
Grass Plot Subway Lamport Court – 2
Gartside Gardens – 1
The Orchard – 3
Brunswick Village Garden area – 1
Sylvia Pankhurst Way (in the grassed) – 3
Kincardine Road Grass side of 77 Brunswick Street – 3
Glenbarry Close – former site compound – 9
Side of Phases AJ1 and AJ2 (Plymouth View) – 6

Locations for a further 17 trees will follow. 

Works to the site compound off Plymouth View include a footpath through the area with grass either side of the path. There will be wild flower seeding and a small number of trees to the remaining area.  On the completion of these works the car park in pink labelled 1 will be secured with the vehicle gate being made live shortly after. 

All work will take place between the hours of 8:00am and 4.30pm and will be completed by 6th June 2024.  If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the S4B Housing Office on 0300 555 0128. 

We apologise for any disruption during this phase of work, and sincerely thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.