The government will give every household £400 off their electricity bill, called the Energy Bills Support Scheme.

You don’t need to do anything to get the money and you won’t have to pay it back. 

You’ll get the £400 in six instalments starting from October 2022.

You’ll get:

  • £66 in October and November
  • £67 in December, January, February and March

You’ll get the discount monthly, even if you pay for your energy quarterly or use a payment card.

How you get the discount will depend on how you pay for energy.

If you pay by direct debit

Your supplier will either:

  • reduce your direct debit amount
  • refund the money to your bank account each month

Contact your supplier if you can’t see the deduction on your bill or statement, or the refund in your bank account.

If you have a smart prepayment meter

The payment will be added directly to your smart meter in the first week of each month.

If you have a traditional prepayment meter

You’ll get a voucher from your supplier by text message, email or post in the first week of each month. Your supplier will confirm how you’ll get the voucher nearer the time. You’ll only be able to use your voucher for your own energy account.

You’ll need to take the voucher to your usual top-up point to use it.

If you pay by standard credit or payment card

Your supplier will add the discount as a credit to your account in the first week of each month. The credit will appear on your account in the same way as if you had made a payment.

Beware! Energy scams are on the rise.
Scammers have different ways of getting hold of personal information or bank details. For example, by pretending to: 

  • be a supplier offering a refund
  • be from Ofgem – asking for information so you can get the £400 energy rebate
  • be a debt collector asking for money owed to a supplier that’s gone bust
  • offer green home improvement grants
  • offer energy investment opportunities
  • offer cheap prepayment meter top up keys or cards
  • offer energy-saving devices

Check if something is a scam.

You can also contact one of the Citizens Advice Bureau scam advisers if you:

  • think you might have found an online scam
  • need advice about scams
  • want to report an online scam

Talk to a scams adviser.

For more information, help or support in managing your money, please get in touch: email give us a call on 0300 555 0128 or call into the S4B housing office and ask to speak to one of the financial inclusion team.