We’ve all been shocked and saddened by the tragic incident at Grenfell Tower in London this week. Our thoughts go out to the victims and everyone affected by the fire at this time.

At S4B we manage four high rise blocks and this notice is to reassure you about the work we’re doing to keep your building safe and secure.

All blocks have an up to date fire risk assessment in place and a full fire survey was carried out in all blocks last week as an additional check on fire compliance; however S4B are undertaking a full technical review of all Fire Safety in light of the recent tragic events.

All properties in the building have been fitted with fire safety doors that must remain shut to prevent smoke entering each property and all are fitted with hard wired smoke alarm systems to meet modern standards. Every level has fire doors to prevent a fire from spreading.

In the event of a fire inside your flat, you must leave immediately and make your way to the assembly point and raise the alarm by calling 999.

If you’re aware that a fire has started elsewhere in the building and your escape route is blocked then:

  • Stay in your flat with the door closed but unlocked
  • Get everyone into one room with a window that opens and a phone
  • Seal the foot of your door with wet bedding, towels or clothing
  • Stay close to the window so that you can be seen
  • Call 999 and wait for the Fire and Rescue Service to arrive

All electric vehicle gates to the blocks have been fitted with fire switches so the fire service can enter and this information has been provided to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

S4B is aware that residents will feel concerned at this time but would like to reassure residents that S4B takes fire safety very seriously.

When the results of the full review are received, S4B will arrange a meeting for residents at each block, to discuss the results of the findings and so residents can ask questions or raise any concerns.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service is offering Safe and Well visits for anyone worried about their personal fire safety. Please call 0800 555 815 to arrange a visit.

Should further recommendations arise as a result of the fire in London then S4B will implement these recommendations or review policy if appropriate with the Fire Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch: 0300 555 0128, email info@s4bmanchester.co.uk or call into the S4B housing office to speak to a member of the team.

Yours Sincerely