This week is Cold Homes Week (1-5 February 2016) – a week of action on fuel poverty and excess winter deaths.

One older person dies every 7 minutes due to the cold weather, and 40,800 older people in England and Wales died tue to the cold weather last year – many of these deaths could have been prevented by a living in a warmer home.

Please show your support by taking part in the Age UK candlelight vigil on Social Media. 

Just follow these simple instructions to take part:

1.Take your selfie, holding a lit candle or preferably and an LED candle/tealight for saftey
2.Upload your selfie onto Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (or all three!) using the following message: 40,800 older people in England and Wales died of the cold last winter. Join the vigil‪#‎coldisakiller‬ @age_uk
3.Ask the Government to ensure that all older people live in warm homes by signing up to the Age UK  campaign.

If you are struggling to heat your home and stay warm, or know of someone who is, please get in touch – we are here to help 0300 555 0128 or visit