Over the next 6 week S4B will be undertaking regeneration works to improve roads and create new roads or infrastructure.

The programme is outlined below.

Based on this we do not envisage any major inconvenience to the local community over the next 6 weeks.

Watkins close/Upper Brook St

Works Starting on the 24th March with a duration of 10 weeks.

Galliford Try Infrastructure will undertake drain installation works and drainage planning for S4B.

Once the drainage plan is confirmed the works may require a temporary diversion on Plymouth Grove

If this area is affected, those homes surrounding this area will receive a letter drop with details of diversion before work starts

• Site Infrastructure works

S4B are currently doing the site clearance work and removing site vegetation on the old school site (located just off Addison Close.)

A letter drop was issued to resident facing onto the area.

The Infrastructure site compound is going to be located here and site facilities and cabins are planned for delivery on the 20th March 2014.

This will act as the base for the new infrastructure team.

The earthworks and remediation of the area will be ongoing until 0ctober 2014.

We do not envisage any road closure or diversion requirements for this work area.

Multi Use Games Area- MUGA Pitch

Starting on the 11th April with a duration of 5 weeks.

The new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) will be created in Gartside Gardens, creating a new games and sports space for the whole to community to use.

The area will be fenced off in park (around the new pitch location) and some footpaths closures and diversions will be required

• Beamish Parking Areas & Realignment

Starting on the 23rdth April with a duration of 12 weeks

This work will realign the car park.

A letter drop to be issued to local residents with regards to parking area disruption and alternative provision

• Wadeson Road Street Parking

Starting on the 8th May with a duration of 5 weeks

This work will renew the parking areas and road markings.

We do not envisage any road closure or diversion requirements for this work area.


If you have any concerns please contact 0300 555 0128 or contact us online