Highways update – phase three

In early June, Manchester  City Council issued this consultation letter to residents living in these areas of Brunswick. 

The letter was to advise of the proposed changes to the resident parking scheme, one way streets, taxi rank and cycle routes and giving residents the opportunity to comment.

Phase three is made up of several different types of parking bays which are detailed in the letter. Arkley Walk and Croxton Walk are being made into streets but due to the width of the roads, they need to be one-way streets.  They will operate in opposing directions to allow for connectivity through the estate.

The taxi rank on Polygon Street is to be relocated a short distance away on Marshall Street and will change from being an overnight rank to a 24-hour rank.

All residents have previously been asked to apply for new e-permits.  If you have not done so please visitwww.manchester.gov.uk/ardwickparking.  If you need help applying for your permits or have any queries, please contact S4B on 0300 555 0128 or Email info@s4bmanchester.co.uk

Here is a copy of plan A and plan B which also highlights the amended cycle route.

The closing date for comment was 15 June. 

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch. T: 0300 555 0128 E: info@s4bmanchester.co.ukor call into the S4B housing office.